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Hello children!


Have you ever heard about the Mahabharata? Do you know what exactly is the Mahabharata and what history it has?


Let us tell you about it. The Mahabharata is an epic (a long poem) which contains a part of the history of our country- Bharat. The events which are mentioned in the Mahabharata took place around ~5000 years ago. All these events were captured in the form of a poem by a respected sage named sage Vedavyasa.


The Mahabharata is one of the largest epic in the world with 10,000 verses compiled in 18 big books! The epic revolves around the cousins Kauravas and Pandavas and their rights to the kingdom of Hastinapur. But, this is not it. There are multiple other historical events mentioned which are not known to many of us. It has interesting stories about kings, queens, kingdoms, fairies, rivers, magical weapons, powerful gods and strong warriors which came together to establish Dharma on this earth.


We are sure that by now knowing all this about the Mahabharata, you would be interested to read it. We at Mahabharata Juniors, bring simpler and shorter ways for the young generation to understand about the un-noticed events from the Mahabharata- as they occurred and as they are mentioned in the original epic.


We hope that our work helps you to get connected to the Indian roots and take inspiration from the real warriors for their confidence, strength, persistence, morality and patience.


Whatever is spoken about virtue, wealth, pleasure, and salvation in the Mahabharata can be seen in the world; but whatever is not mentioned in the Mahabharata will not be found anywhere else.'


Happy Reading!

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